Nominated by Nevada Business Magazine

Congratulations to the 2014 Family Owned Business Finalists


It isn’t easy running a business, especially a family-owned business. Late hours, little to no salary and foregoing vacations can sometimes be exacerbated by family squabbles and employees that know the boss just a little too well. Nevertheless, family-owned businesses are the backbone of Nevada’s economy.

This year Nevada Business Magazine received several hundred nominations for the fourth annual Family Owned Business Awards. Choosing the 60 finalists across the state and narrowing it down further to 20 winners was no easy task as so many businesses in Nevada deserve this recognition.

This year’s group of finalists are all hard-working families that made a home in the Silver State. They are raising their families here and some have been here for generations. They believe that Nevada’s future is bright and are determined to be a part of that future.

Thanks to all of Nevada’s family-owned businesses, especially the 2014 finalists. Nevada Business Magazine acknowledges your hard work and dedication and honors your commitment to this state. Furthermore, the judges and staff behind the Family Owned Business Awards recognize that for a family-run company, business is personal. It’s that extra touch that drives employees and customers to businesses that are privately held and can sometimes mean the difference between a company that thrives and one that folds. Congratulations, for staying in business, for thriving in business and for sticking with Nevada. This award is for those family-owned businesses that represent the Silver State and showcase the best it has to offer.

Finally, a very special “Thank You” to our corporate sponsor, Nevada State Bank, who shares a commitment to family owned businesses across the state. They have proven to be great partners and without their support this event would not have been possible.




(L to R) Deborah Morelli, Anthony Sr., Lynn and Anthony Madonia Jr.

Great Buns Bakery
Est: 1982

Established by Augie and Linda Madonia, Great Buns Bakery became known as a quality, traditional bakery with a catchy name. In 2007, the bakery caught fire and burned everything the Madonia’s had worked so hard for.  Anthony, Sr., his wife Lynn and their son Anthony Madonia, Jr., managed to rebound and rebuild from the ground up.  Today the bakery is working on expanding and credits their ability to come back to both their loyal employees and customers.





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